My wife is a Witch

Yes, you heard me correctly.  My wife is a witch.

No, not a broom riding, green skinned, warted version.  But one of the so called modern versions.

Wicca it’s called.  It’s not really related to witch craft of old.  It more shamanism that it’s it real magic.  Candles, scents, dancing naked under the stars.  Sky Clad its called.

I try to get my wife to do that one, but she is to shy.  We have a fenced in area in the back turnaround but she still wont do it.  She could get a few of her friend to go out that and dance around under the moon light all sky clad and I could get my video camera!

I would never post it on the Internet, I swear!

She reads and studies various books about the “Goddess”.  As if the thought of a Man God were too much or not enough.  They have to have their own version.

I do not think God has a sex.  That is the ultimate God, The one behind everything, the one you do not see.  When Jesus took flesh, he took the flesh of a man, because no one would listen to a woman in those days.  If he had been a woman, he could not have done the things he did.

Could the Holy Spirit be a woman?  It could be.  I do not know if the bible ever gives it a sex.  Does a spirit had a sex?  Good question.

How can I call myself a ‘Christian’ and yet my wife is a witch?  Just ask Soloman.  He had the same problem.  I treat my wife as a person.  She is free to do what she wants, when she wants.  I do not try to force her into anything, other than mopping the kitchen floor or cleaning out the birds cage.

She is free to decide things for herself.

I figure if God wants her, he can do a better job than I can of convincing her.  If the spirit calls, each person can answer or not.  God does not want everyone.  That is why he spoke in parables.  So some would not understand.

All I can do is to pray that God will speak to her.  That is my best option, and to life a life that shows God through be.


3 Responses to “My wife is a Witch”

  1. lucienlachance Says:

    Wicca is an interesting religion. You talked of her reading books of the Goddess. Actually there are a lot of Wiccans that believe in a God and a Goddess, as a couple sort of thing, though I’m pretty sure beliefs vary from person to person.

    I’ve always wanted to learn more about the ‘skyclad’ type rituals; I think it’s very funny. A lot of Pagans practice something similar as well (generally Pagans and Wiccans consider themselves separate from one another, though some make the mistake of calling Wiccans “pagan” when in fact the belief systems are very different).

    Anyway, it’s nice to know that there are people of different religions who can be married and not have a problem with it. I think we should all be able to believe whatever it is that makes the most sense to us or feels right.

  2. sillyhether Says:

    the best thing to do is just let her be. I am a wiccan and my boyfriend doesn’t really like it, but he lets it be. so as funky as her stuff might sound, she is figuring it all out her own way, the way it makes sense to her.

  3. I am a Christian and a Hedge Witch, not a Wiccan…I practice healing with herbs and nature….I believe in Jesus, not a Godess….don’t worry, we are out there….there is hope!

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